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Twin Bays Brewing & Hops

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Twin Bays Brewing will be offering a one of a kind micro-brewery experience. We will feature a state-of-the-art hydroponic hop greenhouse, monster event stage, and a unique hop-dome beer garden. Patrons will enjoy sitting back and relaxing on our 4 acre campus, while enjoying their favorite craft beers. Our selections will include everything from traditional lager and IPAs to creative spins on sours and barrel-aged beers. Stay tuned! And we’ll see you there!


Fresh Florida Whole Cone Hops Available for Pre-Order

If your brewery or Homebrew shop is interested in purchasing our hops, don’t miss the unique opportunity to be a part of our September 2017 harvest. We’re currently filling our grow schedule and spots in the greenhouse are moving quickly. For more information, contact


ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Twin Bays Brewing is stirring up some excitement in the brew-loving city of St. Petersburg. With over 11,000 square feet dedicated to a hydroponic greenhouse, Twin Bays Brewery is equipped to produce over 10,000 pounds of “Fresh From Florida”, homegrown hops every three months. This is extraordinary for local St. Pete love, but they don’t plan to stop there. Twin Bays Brewery expects to produce enough hops to be accepted as a national brand.

Twin Bays Brewery offers breweries the ability to pick which species of hop they like. They go on to purchase the plant to specifically grow for their contracted needs. The brewery covers the hop spectrum, growing over 60 varietals specifically for any purchasing brewery…

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What makes craft beer “local” is typically the people behind the pint — what they put in it, how close they open a microbrewery to your house. But that’s about the extent of it, says master brewer Aaron Barth...

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