Press Release

Date June 27, 2017
Contact BrendenMarkopolous
Phone 727.827.2149

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Twin Bays Brewing is stirring up some excitement in the brew-loving city of St. Petersburg. With over 11,000 square feet dedicated to a hydroponic greenhouse, Twin Bays Brewery is equipped to produce over 10,000 pounds of “Fresh From Florida”, homegrown hops every three months. This is extraordinary for local St. Pete love, but they don’t plan to stop there. Twin Bays Brewery expects to produce enough hops to be accepted as a national brand.

Twin Bays Brewery offers breweries the ability to pick which species of hop they like. They go on to purchase the plant to specifically grow for their contracted needs. The brewery covers the hop spectrum, growing over 60 varietals specifically for any purchasing brewery. Twin Bays Brewery founder, Brenden Markopoulos describes this unique method as a step up (or a hop up) from the traditional hop farmer.

“Upon a brewery’s order, we physically purchase the plants for that brewery and grow them to maturity. Pretty much a plant to order system. Also, we charge a 50% deposit to all customers of the first harvest total. This allows us to guarantee follow through with our clients and not put our farm or other clients in jeopardy,” said Markopoulos.

Twin Bays Brewery takes it another hop forward by offering the contracted breweries a viewing window and description of their pending beer on the actual greenhouse. Not only can audiences view what beer is to come, but this display is exceptional brand exposure for the contracted breweries.

Breweries in contract with Twin Bays Brewery have the ability to preschedule their hop’s harvest date to ensure freshness & storage requirements, which in turn, obtains the qualification to use the "Fresh From Florida" seal on their packaging & branding. Interested breweries should give Brenden a call at 727.318.7664 or email

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